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Wood is a very delicate material to use and especially to keep, especially when used in wooden chalet for sale in france, its use in homes is really to watch and maintain because the wood can damage, deteriorate, that’s why there are several products that can do this work, but they must be applied regularly and especially take care, a wooden house represents a cost at the level of maintenance but saves on many other levels.


What is impregnated wood?

The use of impregnated wood increases the strength and durability of constructions or the various applications in which its use is recommended.

Since wood is a material that can be attacked by biological agents such as fungi or insects, the impregnation process prevents its degradation and maintains its properties longer, while being a versatile material. It can be cut, perforated according to the characteristics required by each application. Any construction or application in which the wood is exposed to the elements, such as cottages, cabins, tables, facades, sleepers.

The impregnation process is carried out with creosote, pentachlorophenol or soluble salts, depending on the type of use of the wood. The impregnant used for the use of impregnated wood is that of the water-soluble salts of CCA. Impregnated wood can be sawn, drilled, brushed and nailed in the same way as untreated wood. It can also be painted, varnished and glued like any other wood.


Some structural impregnated wood elements

Crossovers and Runway Changes: The sleeper is one of the most important elements of the track superstructure and in connection with the support and support elements. The wooden crossbar, as a material which, in addition to having the characteristics of strength and flexibility to transmit the loads, is easy to work because it allows to make the cuts and perforations necessary to support and anchor the rail .


Protective wood

The purpose of the wood protector is to protect the floor drain, preferably on wooden posts. The protector of the family of pines and / or spruce is of semicircular cross section, impregnated with a preservation solution. It should be brushed, they should not show any imperfections.

It is manufactured with impregnants such as: creosote and pentachlorophenol.