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Find the right suit for you

Tailor-made suits for men are very important « tools » in a man’s life. It can be worn at many events such as weddings, family reunions, baptisms, communions, professional appointments or love dates. 

All these events require impeccable and chic attire. 

Concerned and concerned about satisfying the needs of men and children in costume, our costume shops in Lyon offer you costumes for every taste, every color and every morphology.

It is essential to wear a suit as it should be, pay attention to every detail, to the colour schemes, to the cuts etc. 

That’s why we offer a wide range of costume colours and fabrics to make the suit of your dreams.

It is well known, the morphologies are more and more different, men can be very tall and thin as very tall and wide, small and thin or small and wide. In short, all these parameters pushed us and the couturiers with whom we worked to rethink the costumes to make you the one of your dreams.

We are able to make you a tailor-made suit just for you that will suit you perfectly. 

Costumes for all tastes 

We offer large size costumes in our shops in Lyon so that you feel good in your costume without being compressed and you can enjoy the moment. 

If you want your son to match with you, don’t hesitate to come into the shop with him, we open our doors for you to discover our tailor-made suits for men and our tailor-made suits for children! 

The suppliers we worked with have a very wide range of colours for your costumes. If you want a suit with classic colors such as navy blue, black, black, white, grey etc… we have it! On the other hand, if you want to play the originality card by wearing brighter and atypical colours, we can offer you tailor-made costumes with red, burgundy, sky blue or with original prints.

If you want to play even more originality card, we also offer wedding accessories in the shops in Lyon and Villeurbanne, where you can find bracelets, ties, belts, watches etc… to make your style unique. 

We invite you to visit the shops which are superb to discover directly our many collections and will allow you to project yourself more easily. Our team will be very happy to receive you to answer all your questions and will listen to you to propose you the tailor-made suit of your dreams.